Who We Are

mediafeedia is a rapidly growing DOOH publisher.

ATM Boss, our affiliate company, has been providing software as a service to the ATM industry since 2014, and currently serves nearly 20,000 ATM and Bitcoin kiosk devices across the USA.

mediafeedia is now outfitting these devices, located in high-traffic retail locations, with large public-facing advertising displays.

It is important to impress the fact that the ads are not visible/audible only to a person using the ATM or Bitcoin kiosk, but to largely all customers in the convenience store setting.

Our Services

We reach out-of-home consumers in high-traffic retail locations, primarily convenience stores, to help grow your brand.

While mediafeedia offers a wide variety of retail venue-types, convenience stores will comprise the majority of venue-types.

mediafeedia will leverage the fact that ATM and Bitcoin Kiosks are most often, conspicuously placed within the convenience store environment, able to reach “eyeballs”, upon entry, while selecting items, while paying for items, and upon exiting the store

According to a study by the National Association of Convenience Stores, convenience stores have the tightest shopping radius (2 miles), compared to grocery stores (10 miles), or big box stores (40 miles).

Customers in convenience stores closely represent the demographics of the very-local community residing in this radius, offering exceptional market targeting.

Average of 3-minute dwell time in the store

Compact foot print (average 2,744 square feet for older stores, and 3,590 square feet for newer ones).

In roughly ¼ the footprint of grocery store, convenience stores, on average, complete approximately 9,300 in-store transactions per week versus grocery store average of 8,600.

Advertisement Media Types

Full motion video (with audio)
Rich media display
Static media

Format configurations

32” and larger portrait-mounted displays

24”, 32” and larger landscape displays

Ad creative durations include

1 through 30 seconds

All of Our Verticals

Convenience Stores

Grocery Stores

Truck Stops

Other High Traffic Venue Verticals Including:

Food and Dining
Bars and Nightclubs
Hotels and Resorts
Golf Courses
Liquor Stores
Tourist Attractions
Fairs, Festivals and other Special Events

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